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Child Booster Seat

Children generally do not fit in dental chairs....

Virtually all dental chairs are made for adults of average height and stature. This comes at the expense of the ergonomics of the oral care professional. The practitioner must hang over the chair's headrest, sit on the side of the child (at "nine o'clock") or pull the child up into the chair at the risk of sliding back down.... With dire consequences.

The Child Booster Seat is designed to ensure that children also fit in the dental chair, lying with their head in the correct position. In this way, the practitioner has an optimal view of the teeth and can ensure ergonomics.

The Happynecks® Child Booster Seat for oral care providers is the 4th product we have introduced to the market. All products were developed by a physical therapist with an above and beyond interest in oral care, ergonomics and innovation.

Child Booster Seat

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